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Three ways you can prep for power outages

Summer is in the air and that is exciting! But it can also bring power outages.

If you have ever lost power for more than a few hours, you know that power outages can be more than just an inconvenience. They can also be costly, if you can’t work at home or you lose hundreds of dollars in food.

So, what can you do to prep for power outages? Because let’s face it: They do happen here in Central Ohio.

Here are three ways to prep for power outages. Read on:

Have a power outages kit

No one wants to get caught in the dark without a way to see, so one of the best things you can do is to prepare a kit for power outages. Assemble a bag of necessities like flashlights (check the batteries often!) and either flameless or real candles and matches or a lighter. If you use flameless candles, add an extra pack of batteries.

Also good to add is a manual can opener and an external charger for your cell phone, and it isn’t a bad idea to through in a game or a deck of cards.

Have a generator installed

If your area is prone to outages and you are an old pro at dealing with them – or if you have someone in your home who needs medical equipment to survive or is elderly – it might be time to look into a residential generator. No, we aren’t talking about the ones you drag into your driveway and that run noisily all night.

These systems manually switch over and run on natural gas – and they are quiet. You won’t be down for long and you will have all your conveniences.

Have a stock of shelf-stable food and water

Even if you have a residential generator, you will likely need a stockpile of shelf-stable food and water – enough for everyone in the home. Items like nut or seed butter, crackers, canned goods, jerky and trail mix are good choices.

If you don’t have a residential generator, don’t open your fridge or freezer. It’ll keep the food fresher longer; in case your power isn’t out that long.


Quality Power Systems

If you are looking for a residential generator to head off the summer storm season, contact us today. We can help plan and install the right one for your family.


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