energy audit

Are you saving on electricity? How an energy audit can pay off

In these uncertain times, no one wants to be spending more money than necessary on bills, so you might be wondering if an energy audit could pay off for your family.

The answer is: Yes! An audit can be a great way to save money – and electricity.

So, where do you start? There are ways to do it yourself OR you can hire a professional and have it done the right way.

If you don’t have the funds for an audit, there are still steps you can take to same money. Look at ways to conserve energy around your home: Fix leaking windows, add insulation, turn off lights or set them to a timer.

That might save you a bit of cash, for sure.

By hiring a profession to do an audit, however, you could save hundreds of dollars a year. And isn’t that worth it? We think so!

During an energy audit, a trained professional will look at your appliances and the source of possible leaks, such as windows, doors, garages and other areas. Insulation levels will be checked.

There are professional tools that are used.

An energy audit usually takes a few hours and is quite thorough.

The recommendations will vary, but generally include: Getting more efficient appliances, replacing aging HVAC systems, adding insulation and sealing leaks.

Make sure you hire an accredited company to do the energy audit and ask what kind of tools and tests they use.

With a solid, accredited firm, homeowners can see 20-40% decreases in their overall energy bills if they implement the suggested changes. That’s huge!

Summer is a great time to do an audit, as electricity bills can increase due to air conditioning usage.

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