spring home improvement

Spring home improvement: Light up your patio or porch!

It’s warming up and that means only one thing: Summer is around the corner and it’s time for some spring home improvement.

While we are housebound due to the coronavirus pandemic, it might not be possible to have any big projects done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for a project down the road.

So, here are some spring home improvement ideas, including ways to light up your patio or porch. Read on!

Stain or pressure wash your deck or patio

Right now, you might be able to do some routine maintenance on your deck or patio. And for most people, that means staining or pressure washing the wood, pavers or concrete. Taking care to maintain y our deck or patio annually will extend the life of it and make it safer and nicer to look at – meaning you’ll use it more.

Yard work and landscaping

Even if you can’t buy plants or get out for mulch or other supplies, you can do some yard work in preparation for a time when you can do a deeper dive on your beds, flowerpots and gardens. Cleaning out dead leaves and other debris, trimming bushes and making sure your soil is well-turned and ready are all things that can be done today and will help keep your property maintained and looking good!

Patio or porch lighting

This one is more of a planning project. If you are looking to extend the usage of your patio, deck or porch, there is almost no better way than to add outdoor lighting. Lighting adds ambiance and function to your outdoor space, extending the time you can use it and making it more inviting and conducive to entertaining. It’s also a great investment!

Quality Electric

If you are looking to upgrade or add porch or patio lighting as a part of a spring home improvement project, contact us today. We can help plan and install your perfect project.


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