Electrical circuit overloads can happen when the amount of amperage to be transferred across an electrical wire is too much for the circuit. This can be caused by any number of reasons including loose or corroded wires and faulty connections. Moreover, the circuits can just be overloaded by the technology you’re using.

Think about everything that uses energy in your home: from the toaster to the television to the phone chargers, it takes a lot to keep your home powered up. Even more importantly, old circuits can find it difficult to serve new technology. The high-powered devices that define modern technology are often too much for outdated electrical circuits.

In order to prevent overload, we recommend full upgrades. Our upgrade process results in giving your entire home the necessary electrical capacity for a fully-functioning, safe experience. This service prevents house fires as well as the inconvenience of a poorly functioning system. We’re ready to improve your safety and efficiency when you are, call us.

How can you keep your circuit breaker from having problems?

Circuit breakers, if working correctly, protect circuits from direct shorts, overloading or overworking. If your circuit breaker trips, you need to ask yourself if you could be overworking the circuit. Is there an electric heater plugged in, or a hair dryer, or another heavy usage item? A given circuit may only be rated for 1800 watts and if you plug in a 1500 watt hair dryer, this does not leave much room for any other items to be used on the circuit. Call for more information today to schedule a consultation appointment.