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When running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is the electricity not working.

Electricity can power the lights, machines, and computers necessary to make your job go smoothly. Protect your business by investing in reliable electricity. Quality Electric, serving Columbus since 1992, can provide your company with all necessary electrical services. Call us to learn about each and every service we can offer your business.

Quality Electric provides quality services at every height. If you have difficult-to-reach lights or fixtures, it can be frustrating to find the right company to do repairs, installation, or upgrades. Quality Electric safely accesses and repairs electric fixtures at any height with the following services:

  • Bucket truck service
  • Boom lift service
  • Photo cells
  • Lighting relays
  • Scissors lift equipment
  • Concrete pole bases
  • Parking lot light repairs
  • Fluorescent upgrades
  • LED upgrades
  • Warehouse high bay lighting
  • Wall pack lighting
  • Lamp and ballast replacement


Parking Lots Lighting

Quality Electric can help your business make parking lots safe and well-lit for employees and customers alike. Many companies overlook that the parking lot experience is often the first impression for a prospective employee and customer about your business. Having a parking lot that feels safe and secure can propel your business and build trust. Quality Electric offers the following parking lot services:

  • Parking lot lighting repairs
  • Parking lot pole bases
  • Building wall pack lights
  • Lamp and ballast replacement




Consider Quality Electric you all-in-one package for generators. We offer sales, installation, and service for generators at your business. Generators offer businesses peace of mind and fantastic, efficient results in times of need. Our team offers you many generator options and solutions to tailor this service to your every need. Once your business has invested in a generator, Quality Electric provides regular maintenance appointments to make sure that everything will run smoothly when needed. Our regular generator services include:

  • Generator maintenance
  • Oil changes
  • Filter replacement
  • UPS battery replacement
  • Warranty repair